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Aaryn Hutchins


Project Geologist
– Tantalum Mining Corporation

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    Aaryn has gained experience in various sectors of mineral exploration and mining, working with multiple commodities such as gold, lithium, nickel-copper-PGE’s and iron ore. Fundamental skills she has learned and continuously uses in her work are mapping, prospecting, executing geochemical surveys and working on data compilation. Since graduating in 2020 with a B.Sc. in Geological Sciences from the University of Manitoba, Aaryn is now the Project Geologist at Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada Ltd. at the world-class Tanco Mine. Outside of geology, she is passionate about animal welfare and fosters with K9 Advocates Manitoba.

Kayla Soini


– Orix Geoscience

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    Kayla joined the mining industry as a Student Geologist at Orix Geoscience in 2017 while she was obtaining her B.Sc. from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. After graduation in 2020, she moved to Manitoba and continued working with Orix as a full-time Geologist. From partaking in scholarship mine tours in Chile, Colombia and Southwest USA to working in the Arctic Circle, Kayla has exposure to a variety of mining deposits through North and South America.

Serena Komonko


Administrative Assistant
– Central Canada Mineral Exploration Convention

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    Serena is a recent graduate from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Geological Sciences. She joined Women in Mining in 2019 during her second year of study and since then has been fortunate enough to participate in mentorship opportunities and networking events to gain confidence as a future professional in the mining industry. Serena is especially interested in mineralogy, gemmology, optical spectroscopy, and hard rock geology. Other than her interest in geology she is also a small business owner, lover of vintage, and co-director of an animal rescue in northern Manitoba where she often spends her summers.

Elena Khozina


Senior Water Scientist, Project Manager
– Ecoreg Solutions

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    Dr. Khozhina manages Ecoreg Solutions’ Winnipeg office. Elena is an environmental consultant, registered professional Agrologist, and Biologist with over 20 years of consulting and research experience. Elena manages environmental assessments, baseline studies, and monitoring programs throughout central Canada. Elena’s primary areas of expertise are water quality, geochemistry, fisheries resources, site reclamation, as well as permits and approvals for industry with a focus on mining. Throughout her career Dr. Khozhina has been involved in hydrology, and revegetation in mining, linear infrastructure (pipelines, electric powerlines, canals, highways), and municipal developments. Elena has trained First Nation monitors and provided ongoing support. She has a broad background and experience in sample preparation and analysis and has modified sampling methods to solve the many challenges of remote field work.

Kathleen Gould

Sponsorship and Event Planning

Geologist and Account Executive
– Seequent

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    Kathleen is a geologist working as an Account Executive with Seequent, delivering geoscience software solutions to the energy industry. Kathleen has had a diverse career with 16 years of experience working across the petroleum and mineral exploration industries, within the government and private sector in Canada and the UK. She is particularly passionate about applying subsurface digital technologies in the geothermal and carbon storage sectors. Kathleen has an M.Sc. in Applied Science in Geology from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada. Outside of work, she loves cross country skiing, mountain biking and hiking in the beautiful Canadian wilderness, and kicking back at one of Winnipeg’s many local microbreweries!

Tabea Glassey

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

– Orix Geoscience

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    Tabea is a geologist with Orix Geoscience with 5 years’ experience on national and international projects. Prior to joining Orix in 2021, she gained experience in engineering geology, hydrogeology and mining with Stantec Consulting. Tabea has an extensive background in 3D geological modeling with Leapfrog Works. Tabea earned a M.Sc. in Applied Geosciences – Energy and Mineral Resources from the RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and holds her professional designation in Manitoba. Tabea is also an avid cross-country skier.

Jessica Adelman

Website Designer

Environmental Geoscientist and Regulatory Specialist
– Core Geoscience Services

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    Jessica holds a M.Eng. in Materials Engineering and a M.Sc. in Natural Resource Sciences from McGill University. Jessica also holds a B.Sc., Honours in Geographical Sciences from the University of Winnipeg. Jessica has 10+ years of experience in the fields of geochemistry and hydrogeology, and environmental assessment. Jessica is a member of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, as a Professional Geoscientist. Jessica’s professional portfolio includes: team lead on water balance/climate change adaptation initiative for a Yukon First Nation Government; technical support for an Indigenous led environmental assessment in southern BC, project lead for permitting of hydro-electric generation facility in Yukon, and overseeing groundwater monitoring well installation programs and groundwater assessments.

Parisa Ashjanas

Northern Liaison

Geophysics Field Technician
– EarthEX Geophysical Solution Inc.

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    Parisa Ashjanas is a Geophysics Field Technician at EarthEX Geophysical Solution Inc. Both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Physics and Geophysics were earned in Iran related to seismic hazard assessment using deterministic and probabilistic methods. Parisa is with OpenQuake, ZMAP, KIJKO, GIS and programming in MATLAB. Parisa with EarthEX in Thompson, Manitoba, has started since April 2022. During this period, she was exposed to a wide variety of Field Techniques, as well as electromagnetic data collecting, which allowed her to obtain valuable expertise. Parisa is also qualified to undertake quality assurance and data quality control for electromagnetic borehole data while utilising EMSProject to process the data. Also, collecting GYRO data is her other duty. Recently, besides field work and data processing, she sometimes individually trains new employees who want to do field work for EarthEX. She was a piano teacher for eight years and it is her hobby nowadays.

Chelsea Pastula

University of Winnipeg Student Liaison

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    Chelsea Pastula is a fourth-year student at the University of Winnipeg pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science & Studies. She has recently been employed as a summer student at the Manitoba Geological Survey (2021 – 2022) and Manitoba Hydro (2022). During her summer terms she assisted in field work and geochemistry database compilation; and worked with MB Hydro on GIS projects where she designed web applications, built geoprocessing tools, and compiled research. She is a recipient of the Women in Mining 2022 Academic Advancement Award. In her personal time she enjoys kayaking, golfing, gardening, and snowboarding.

Djelika Daouda dite Tanti Sogoba

University of Manitoba Student Liaison

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    Djelika Sogoba is a third-year international student at the University of Manitoba pursuing a B.Sc. in Geological Science. She is originally from Mali, west Africa. Her interest in geology stemmed from an eighth-grade presentation about volcanoes. Her first industry experience was with Orix Geoscience. Inc, where she gained exposure to field mapping, prospecting, sampling, core logging, and data compilation. She also took part in the 11th annual World Mining Competition in Saskatoon where she demonstrated good teamwork skills and earned a podium place with her team. Outside of geology, Djelika is a passionate reader of light novels and manga.

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